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Screen – Once you get past the external form, the biggest hardware difference between these devices is the Treo’s touch screen.This is one of those things I thought I would really miss about my Treo.Get Wireless Internet on your laptop through the Treo or Centro phone - The Pda Net software allows your computer to go online by connecting to your phone through the Hotsync USB cable or Bluetooth.If you own a Treo or Centro phone with a data plan subscription from any carriers, Pda Net will make it your wireless Internet Connection for your laptop/desktop computer instantly - no extra hardware or setup necessary. Pda Net only runs on Vista(32bits)/Windows XP/2000/ME and does not support Mac.This page is only for Centro/Treo 755p/700p/680/650 (Palm OS 5.x versions), select the following links if you have a Windows Mobile phone or Treo 600 instead.Over the past few months I have noticed an increasing number of our site members are actually ex-Treo Users who have made the switch to Black Berry.I truly would prefer a flip phone to protect the screen, and to conform to your face better, but nobody has made a Smartphone with a flip form since the Kyocera 7135, and I doubt anyone will again anytime soon.That being said, if you demand a full keyboard (and I do) then you are stuck with a wide device, and the difference between the Treo and the Black Berry for width is minor, but the difference in thickness is huge.

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There are certainly things about my Treo that I miss, and things that the Black Berry does (or does not do) that annoys me, or are more difficult than they would have been on my Treo.

That means that the primary device form has not changed from mid-2003 to today.

Yes, some of the internals have changed, and the antenna is gone, but the basic device isn’t any different than it was almost 5 years ago.

Unfortunately, over time, my needs have changed and I have finally come full-circle, back to the point where I no longer need extensive shareware, and instead primary application functionality and stability are paramount for me.

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Last year, I upgraded my Treo 700p on Sprint to a 755p. I had issues with the hardware lagging, the phone randomly crashing, often in the middle of critical telephone calls.

I hated the extra steps you have to go through with the keyguard on the Treo, so I kept it disabled.